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Landscaping Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge

Look No Further For A Professional Landscaping Company In The Tri City's

Clearcut Construction is the Landscaping company you want to create the beautiful Landscapes you dream of. With many years of Landscaping experience the team at Clearcut Construction is ready to take on your large or small, residential landscaping project.  Landscaping adds to the beauty of your home and can be used to add a personalized touch to outdoor areas. When you are looking for landscaping Kitchener for your outdoor project, you want someone who cares about the finished product as much as you do. At Clearcut Construction, we know the importance of providing our customers with a beautiful landscape that is inviting, functional and easy to maintain. We love working with you to improve the beauty of your home, and are committed to giving you a landscaped property you are completely satisfied with. We specialize in Interlock driveways and walkways, patio, garden installations, retaining walls, and drainage systems as sod installs for both residential and commercial applications. We can help with all of your Landscaping Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding areas needs.

With 20+ Years of Experience, You Can Rely on Us for All Your Landscaping Kitchener Waterloo Needs 

 Excellent looking Landscapes are important to us because we know it’s important to you. From paving stones to gardens, let us put our expertise to work for you to create a beautiful addition to your home. No matter the size or difficulty level of your landscape project, we can handle it every step of the way and help you achieve the finished results you are looking for. We love putting our years of experience to work for you no matter what your project. So when you need landscape services, contact us and let us create a beautiful landscape for your home.

Garden kitchener waterloo cambidge and surrounding areas

See where Clearcut Construction can help with your Landscaping needs..

Driveway and Patio

The design possibilities are endless with paver driveways and patios Kitchener. Clearcut Construction will install a interlock driveway that will last for years to come, Or a beautiful patio to sit back and relax on.



River Rock

Kentucky bluegrass sod adds instant beautification to any space, Clearcut Construction will install Sod, Mulch or River Rock putting all the finishing touches on any landscape project 

Front Entrance

Having Clearcut Construction create a beautiful front entrance not only adds to the value of your home but makes it much more inviting and appealing to others. Adding walkways, natural stone steps easy maintenance garden beds and some subtle outdoor lighting to illuminate your front entrance



Retaining walls can be used to create elevated gardens, define patio space and sometimes are necessary to hold back land.

Let us intsall a stone, natural stone or wood retaining wall with all the proper drainage sytems to ensure it stays where it is suppose to



We spend to much time trapped indoors in the, an outdoor living space is a extension of your home. Installing outdoor bbq's, fire pits, pavilion, stone walls and some outdoor lighting can create that outdoor space you've dreamed of 

Gardens and Trees

Clearcut Construction will work with you to create beautiful gardens that are low in maintenance ensuring shrubs and perennials are balanced in texture and colour. Tree planting services also available

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